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Youth leaders (that is, boys who are the leaders in the Troop) are elected by the Troop every six months.  There are two training events that the Troop holds specifically for the new youth leaders, and there are many additional training events held at the District, Council, and National levels for Scouts.

In the Fall, we hold an evening leadership training for the entire Troop, so the entire Troop gets to see an overview of how the boy leaders function in the Troop.  This not only helps the leaders understand their jobs, it helps the rest of the Troop understand better how things are done, and enables them to support their youth leaders better.

In the Spring, we hold a special weekend campout just for the incoming and outgoing youth leaders.  This is an in-depth training event, put on by the adult leaders and the Leadership Corps, in which the youth are given extensive training not only in general leadership principles, but also in specific techniques that relate to leading in life.  This is also a very fun event, in which the boys get to do some fun things that are not available any other time of year.

There are also many leadership opportunities at the District, Council, and National levels for those who complete the in-depth Troop leadership training.  We announce those as they become known to us.  Some are general leadership training, and some are for specific areas, such as being a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, Wilderness First Aid, BSA Lifeguard, advanced trek planning, and so on.