postheadericon The Leadership Corps

The Leadership Corps is formed from the Life and Eagle Scouts in the Troop who are committed to leadership in the Troop and supporting the SPL. 

This group functions as its own patrol.  The SPL, ASPL, and Troop QM will be part of the LC while they are in office, even if they are not Life Scouts.

  • The Leadership Corps (LC) becomes the group of sages within the troop
  • If a member of the LC is not SPL, ASPL, or other troop leadership position they are a Trainer
  • Each member of the LC should develop a scout skill specialty.
  • Some members of the LC will act as advisors to the PLC and SPL.  The LC should become the SPL and PLC resource pool for help.
  • The LC will plan and lead high adventure treks.

Initial members of the Leadership Corps:

  • Connor Fox
  • Maclain Gilsdorf
  • Bradley Goebel
  • Trad Groover
  • Chris Rother
  • Tommy Stokes

The Leadership Corps was a staple of Boy Scout leadership in the 1970s and 80s, and was an active part of Troop 470 during that period.  It has been revived in 2010 to help build the core of capable boy leaders which are essential to a boy-led Troop.

You can find out more about the history of the BSA here.