postheadericon Current Merit Badge Projects

We are constantly working on a number of different Merit Badges at any given time, as a Troop and as individuals.

Generally, every Wednesday meeting has a time called Troop Corners, when all Scouts are in one of four different areas:  Skills (in which he might be learning or teaching,) an Eagle-required MB class, a NON-Eagle-required MB class, and advancement conferences and sign-offs.  The Scouts can choose which areas they want to attend, but usually, they must stay with a specific MB class if they want to complete it.

We currently have MB classes ongoing in Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Camping, Tracking, Pathfinding, Carpentry, Signalling, Horsemanship, and some others.  Most of the 122 MBs are available at summer camp, including all of the Eagle-required MBs.