postheadericon Packing List for Spring and Fall Car Camping

Troop 470 Spring/Fall Tent Camping (drive to site)
Pack and dress for one season colder than you expect.

This is a fairly comprehensive general list.  Some of these things will not be needed on some weekends, and some will be needed only in emergencies, but are essential to bring every time, because a Scout is always prepared.  Other items may be needed for particular weekends, but we will tell you about those.

No iPods or other electronic devices.  If you want to bring your cell phone, turn it off, put it in a zip-lock with your name on the outside, and turn it in to your leader at the beginning of the trip.  The adult leaders will carry cell phones in case you need to reach your parent/son in the out of doors.


Backpack - To hold your gear. A duffel bag will work if you do not have a backpack and are parked near camp
Camp Chair (optional, but highly recommended)
Permission form -- needs to be handed in by the Wednesday meeting before the trip.
Fee for the weekend -- also needs to be handed in by the Wednesday before


Lightweight hiking boots or hiking shoes
1 extra pair of shoes
rain gear (rain suit or sturdy poncho)
warm jacket
gloves (warm enough for freezing temperatures, tough enough for carrying wood)
hat/hood, warm enough to keep your head warm on a cold night
Fleece sweatshirt or sweater, light and warm
2 pair socks
2 pair underwear
thermal underwear
long pants
long-sleeve shirt
Scout t-shirt for hot weather
Class A uniform (Scout shirt and pants)
Emergency clothing: Gallon zip-lock with shirt, u/w, socks, pants.


Sleeping bag, rated to at least 20 degrees colder than the coldest you expect to use it on
Sleeping pad, either closed-cell or self-inflating
Sleeping bag liner or ultra-light felt/fleece bag (This is optional, but can be combined with a sleeping bag in various combinations for temperatures from very cold to very hot.)
Camp Pillow (optional, but highly recommended)


Plate or bowl
Lexan spoon or spork
cup with lid, that can take both hot and cold liquids
Water bottle (filled)


Flashlight/Headlamp and extra batteries
Matches in Waterproof case
Hand warmer (chemical) - 2-4 packets.
Space blanket
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Bug Repellent
Sunscreen or Sun Block
Waterless Hand Sanitizer
Toilet paper
Lip Balm
Large (contractor-size) trash bags (1 or 2)
Personal First Aid kit
Pocket knife (Scout must earn Totin’ Chip badge first) or multi-tool
Pen/paper (or a small notebook)
Playing cards or a book (for night-time)
Boy Scout Handbook (and optionally Boy Scout Fieldbook)
Merit Badge book, if working on a MB this weekend
Money - Depending on location, there may be a trading post.
Prescription Medications -- These MUST be given to adult leader with permission form before departure