postheadericon A Brief History of Troop 470

Troop 470 began as Troop 799 at Fort Detrick in 1955 with 14 boys and had to be restricted to no more than 100 Scouts in ten patrols by 1972. A waiting list was then established with preference given to the brothers of current or former Scouts. During this period 97 Eagles were awarded to Troop 799 Scouts. In 1972 the new Post Commander directed that all Detrick activities were to be restricted to military and families of civilian employees. The Parents Committee of Troop 799 decided to move the troop to the YMCA as Troop 1600 rather than force the removal of non-government associated Scouts from Troop 799. Equipment and dollars were portioned based on the number of military remaining in Troop 799.

Eighty-six Scouts including a number from military families then formed Troop 1600, which remained at the YMCA until 1985. During this time fifty Scouts received the Eagle. As the YMCA expanded its activities the Troop began to have scheduling problems with preference increasingly being given to revenue producing activities. Also disturbing was the added requirement of the YMCA (contrary to the requirement of being a sponsoring institution) that all Scouts pay a membership fee for the use of a meeting room.

Once again the Parents Committee decided to move the Troop in 1985 to its current sponsor the Clover Hill Civic Association. Thirty Troop 470 Scouts have received the Eagle rank thus far, an enviable record of more than one each year since the Troops formation. The Troop number 470 was suggested by Mr. Bradshaw as an extension of the Local Lodge number of the Order of the Arrow. Mr. Bradshaw, then an ASM, was one of the scouts that were initially with Troop 799. Troop 470’s relationship with the CHCA has been strong and mutually beneficial for the past 25 years and continues to strengthen as both organizations seek to provide meaningful programs to the youth of our community.

Dr. Bob Rosato, Chartered Organization Representative

T799, T1600, T470

November 2010