postheadericon Peak Awards

The Catoctin Mountain Peak Awards are given every year at the District Awards Banquet.  They represent substantial service in the Troop by an individual above and beyond the call of duty.  These are excellence awards given by the district, but nominated by the unit.  They may be given to an adult leader, a parent, or a youth.

The Troop began issuing Peak Awards in 2009 with an award to Janice Gilsdorf for service to the Troop in 2008.  We did not have a nomination in 2010, although there were several individuals putting out extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Troop.

In 2011, we are pleased that five individuals are being honored for the Catoctin Mountain Peak award:

Janice Gilsdorf: Janice has served tirelessly in a number of roles in our Troop for many years now. In 2010 in particular, she earned her Wood Badge beads, and was instrumental in helping one of our boys earn the Hornaday Award – the first individual to do so in the 54-year history of our Troop. Through her guidance, that Scout also led the Troop in earning a Unit Hornaday award – the first Boy Scout Troop ever to do so in this area.

Lori Horne: In 2010, Lori took over our main fundraiser, and has organized and run it with distinction and great success. Thanks to her leadership, the very complex yard sale which is held twice per year has been both smoother and more successful than at any time in our history.

Brad Goebel: As our young Troop struggled with establishing Scout leadership, Brad came up with the idea of re-establishing the Leadership Corps which was a part of our Troop in the 1980s. Brad researched the LC, organized it, taught the boys and the other Scoutmasters about it, got the boys to agree to serve, and got them involved in carrying out clear leadership roles as a separate cadre within the Troop. Thanks largely to his efforts, our boy leadership is at a much higher level than it was a year ago.

Sue Fox: Sue has quietly carried on the largely thankless job of managing our membership and registrations for many years now, in addition to serving as one of our Scoutmasters. Her unfailing support and kind demeanor have set an example for both boys and adults, as she has taken on challenge after challenge, showing us all how Scout Spirit should be lived.

Tom Dorris: As a new Scout Parent in our Troop this past year, Tom organized the Horsemanship Merit Badge, and taught the Signaling Merit Badge, helping many of our boys earn that most difficult of Centennial Merit Badges. He also helped us to upgrade our website to a new Content Management system, and has taken over administration of our online Troopmaster system. He has taught Scout skills in many areas, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Troop in many ways.

While a great many others have supported the Troop in substantial ways this past year, these individuals have distinguished themselves in special ways in our Troop.