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The Hornaday Award is a very special award.  The BSA national site describes it as "Think of it as an Olympic Medal bestowed by the Earth."  It is, essentially, an Eagle or Eagle-type project award, doing a service project, but oriented towards conservation, and with an educational component as well as a lasting impact in the community towards the environment.

It seems to me that as Scouting is pushed towards the bounds of relevancy in the minds of many in society, that this tradition of conservation which has carried on for nearly a century needs to be lifted high and shouted to the world.  We need to remind people that Scouts were "green" and caring for this world long before "being green" was cool.

Approximately 1,100 Hornaday Awards have been granted, nationally, since 1915. That's about 1 Hornaday Award for every 2,000 Eagle Scouts.  Yet this is one of the very few areas in which a boy can earn two major awards from the same project.  An Eagle project can also be a Hornaday project, assuming it meets the requirements of both.  A boy can, therefore, earn both a Hornaday Award and his Eagle with the same project.

In 2010, largely thanks to the leadership of Janice Gilsdorf, Troop 470 earned a unit Hornaday Award, and one of our Scouts earned an individual Hornaday Award.  (Both applications are pending review by the National Committee, so neither is official yet.)  If confirmed, our unit award will be the first such earned in our District in the 95-year history of the award.

We are excited not only about our awards (both unit and individual,) but about the message that the Hornaday Award represents, to a world in which caring about the environment is socially acceptable, but actually getting out and into the environment is less so.

We want to promote the Hornaday Award in our District and across the nation, to get Scouts and Scouters excited about earning this very prestigious award.

Click here to see the BSA national website information page on the Hornaday award.

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Brian Groover

April, 2011