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While Boy Scouting is first and foremost about the boys, and helping them to grow into the kind of strong, wise, and caring men they were made to be, that could not happen without the strong, wise, and caring leadership of both men and women.  Adults who work with youth have a frequently thankless job, although it has many rewards in itself.

There are awards which adults can earn in Scouting.  Some represent special circumstance awards, such as for heroism.  Others represent achievements earned while a Scout.  As an adult Scout leader, if you earned the Arrow of Light as a Webelos, there is a knot that you can wear on your uniform to represent that.  If you are an Eagle Scout, you are entitled to wear the Eagle knot on your uniform.

Training Awards

Most of those knots are called Training Awards, and have to do with completing training and then serving in some capacity as a trained adult leader.  The colorful square knots you see on adult leader uniforms represent these awards.

There is one square knot which every adult leader can earn fairly easily.  It is called the Boy Scout Leader's Training Award, and it is represented by a green knot on a tan background.  To earn this award, you must:

  • Complete all training for your position, including Youth Protection Training
  • Serve as an adult leader for two years in any capacity
  • Do any five of the following:
    • Participate in a support role for five overnight campouts
    • Help with two annual unit and/or district Friends of Scouting presentations
    • Participate actively in three Courts of Honor
    • Help organize or reorganize a Boy Scout troop
    • Help supervise or support a troop fund-raising event (i.e., the yard sale)
    • Participate in a supplemental training course at either the council or national level (University of Scouting)
    • Serve on the staff of a Council or District training event
    • Serve as a Merit Badge Counselor for at least five Scouts
    • Successfully complete Wood Badge training
    • Fulfill requirements of a Troop Committee function (see the Troop Committee Guidebook)
    • Assist actively with a Webelos den for six months
    • Participate in six Boy Scout leader roundtables

If you have done the above, please print out the progress record and bring it to the Scoutmaster, Training Chair, or Committee Chair.  We will present you with your award at the next Court of Honor.

Click here to see the PDF for the Boy Scout Leader's Training Award.

Click here to see the information page about the adult training awards on the BSA national site.

We are not in this for ourselves, but please earn and wear the awards with pride.  It helps to convey to the boys our pride in what Scouting represents.